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We are best known for being a "Teaching in Thailand" forum, though we have attracted all walks of life through the years.

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Thai libel laws are very strict. Please do not create legal problems for yourself by treating this site as a name and shame service. This includes naming school's, teachers, agencies, course providers, law firms, and any other Thailand based business. Please note that Thailand law can perceive ANY negative opinion publically stated as libel. This can then be taken both to criminal and civil prosecution with very little warning given. Both the site owner and the poster can be subject to such action.

We are also fairly conservative in terms of being a site that we want teachers to be able to enjoy at work in schools in Thailand and so operate a strict "Safe For Work" images policy.

Please exercise extreme discretion when discussing the Royal Family in Thailand and be respectful to the Lese Majeste laws.

Malaysia Airlines plane shot down in the Ukraine

Jul 17, 2014 - 11:03 PM - by cluezo
cluezo's Avatar
Malaysia Airlines plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border - live

A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane has reportedly crashed in Ukraine, on the border with Russia. All the latest details here

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border - live - Telegraph
  126 Replies | 3,704 Views

About Thai Women

Jul 10, 2014 - 11:02 AM - by UrbanMan
UrbanMan's Avatar
I've read the two stories here:

1) I married a thai woman, it's awful, its completely about money, the sex is over after the house is purchased.
2) I married a thai woman, it's great, she's feminine in a way western women are no longer are, it is the best.

So, which is the truth? And how does a man achieve 2)?
  118 Replies | 4,627 Views

A free month-long MOOC for English Teachers

Jul 18, 2014 - 12:24 AM - by Matthew
Matthew's Avatar
Hello Ajarners,

Just spreading the word about a MOOC I've involved in:


Here's the full schedule of presenters and presentations (webinars). Massive indeed!


Mine 60 min place at 2pm GMT on Saturday July 26th.


Totally free, easy to sign up, I believe all webinars get recorded too. Why NOT sign up.

Lots of great sessions. Somethings bound to connect to your interests and/or practice.

SIGN UP RIGHT HERE: bitly.com/iTDiSummerSchoolMOOC


  115 Replies | 3,367 Views

Why are Thais so stupid?

Jul 09, 2014 - 11:42 AM - by Rubberneck
Rubberneck's Avatar
First off, I’ll apologize for that deliberately provocative title. My intention is to draw both camps to this thread (Thai haters and their defenders). I have an answer to a question that seems to dominate much of the conversation in staffrooms up and down this country. We’ve all heard it, we’ve all indulged in it..” Why are Thais so….They don’t even….. They haven’t got any… blah blah blah”

Throughout history, the white man of Eurasian decent, have invented more, travelled more, contributed more and subjugated more than any other race of people on the planet. Spanish round eyes went to South America and squashed the Mayans and Incas. Other Europeans went north and did the same, Aborigines came a poor second and Africa was calved up by what can only be described as falangs.

This is all historical fact, and no amount of libertarian guilt can change history. It wasn’t the Mayan who developed a society capable of building ocean going ships and armies to be sent half way round the world to kill Spanish kings and displace the locals. No, it was the other way around, but why?

Without tangible evidence to the contrary, it would be understandable to believe that the white man is somehow ‘superior’ on a genetic level to all others. Why else did the industrial revolution begin in Britain and not Thailand? It’s coz we’re awesome right? Well maybe……
Read a book recently Guns, Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond. It was an eye opener for sure. To summarize, a nations ‘success’ is directly linked to the abundance or sparsity of plants and animals in their location that... [Read More]
  89 Replies | 3,121 Views

My flounce thread...

Jul 14, 2014 - 9:33 AM - by Smiley
so they're back again

Westy...right on track with 30 posts a day

somtamslap a sock from 2010 who posted 15 posts on Oct 26, 2010...then another 10 or so on June 11,2011 and now back for another day or two...

So what's the real damage...
with their persistent trolling they destroy any capacity for regular members to engage in normal forum behavior...they do this with the sheer number of posts they generate suffocating any and all threads...then the inevitable ban and wash rinse repeat ad nauseum...

the effect this has on the forum is the suspicion of every newbie as being one of them...and that's how they destroy a forum...it's a two fold attack that has rendered this place dysfunctional and irrelevant...

congratulations Sentrix and Watdog...you've turned this place into a shithole...now you must feel right at home.

I no longer receive anything from this place but a combination of irritation and disgust...

I'm outy...y'all can have it...

  82 Replies | 3,024 Views

Bangkok Thais are rude, or...

Jul 17, 2014 - 9:26 PM - by NokYai
NokYai's Avatar
is it something else?

I've noticed that during my time living here in BKK, though I live outside the city center, that Thais here seem very cold and appear quite miserable. I find that there is quite a noticeable difference in the attitudes of Thais living in my area, in particular, and Thais living in the villages, towns, and other cities across Thailand.

I moved back to Thailand because of my first experience working out in the sticks of one of the quieter and out of the way provinces. That was about 10 years ago. I worked for about a year in a non-school related job and loved my time there. I remember thinking that Thais were the friendliest, happiest, warmest, and most welcoming people I've ever come across. When I moved to BKK a few years ago to try my hand at teaching science, there was a new honeymoon period where everything was new and exciting again.

But as the honeymoon period has since worn off and I've gotten into my routine of the daily grind, I've really noticed the difference between BKK Thais and their countryside counterparts. Still now, when I head off out of BKK, the local people are very warm, friendly, smiling, and hospitable. Then, when I come back to my BKK neighborhood, the locals are cold, non-smiling, miserable-looking people.

Not only are BKK Thais very unhappy looking, they show very different reactions when I am in their presence compared to folks outside of BKK. Like the title of the post suggests, many BKK Thais seem to be a bit rude. And surprisingly (to me at least) it's the females that show this the most. Some examples: while walking on a sidewalk, Thai males will notice the farang in front of them and usually stare blankly for a... [Read More]
  74 Replies | 2,032 Views

kicking students out

Jul 16, 2014 - 1:08 PM - by Joanna
Has anyone ever kicked students out of their classes? Is it acceptable in Thailand? Normally, my classes are pretty well behaved, but there are students, who never do anything and talk all the time. I would love to get rid of them once in a while
  71 Replies | 1,382 Views

Body of American teacher (BKK based) dumped on garbage pile in Cambodia

Jul 18, 2014 - 8:32 AM - by KG Sue
An American teacher, William Bryan Glenn, who was based in Bangkok for many years traveled (some say escaped) to Cambodia 2 months ago. He reported that people were after him and wanted to kill him. He went to the US Embassy to get more pages added to his passport so he could flee to China. His Thai wife, whose sister apparently had him charged with theft and had a pending court case due, said that she sent him the money to flee to China.

The US embassy declined his request, confiscated his passport because of 12 year old warrants in the States for DUI and meth offenses. With no passport and no way out, his body was found 24 hours later, allegedly he had his hands and feet bound, was beaten and strangled, then wrapped in a curtain which was wrapped in duct tape and dumped on a pile of garbage.

RIP William Bryan Glenn.

Did the U.S. Embassy in Cambodia Betray Murdered American William Bryan Glenn? | Khmer440.com


American English Teacher William Glenn Murdered in Cambodia : General Chatter

Sounds like a colourful character, and an awful way to go. Anybody know him?


Cambodia Forums • View topic - American... [Read More]
  70 Replies | 2,516 Views

Help! I'm exhausted!

Jul 09, 2014 - 7:53 AM - by Joanna
Hi all, I work in a school in Chiang Mai. It is a vocational college. I don't have any problems with the school per se. Of course, the students are naughty and I experience the same discipline issues as everyone else, so I am trying not to care aabout that too much.
I am the only farang at school, which makes me a little lonely sometimes, but besides that everything is good. The school gave me books and told me to follow them, but they also gave me a free initiative to do whatever extra I want. No one checks on me, no one observes me, so I am as free as I can be.
I did some extra things with the students, but my boss told me to do the book more. The problem is that the book is totally useless. It is vocational college and the book is about factories and really boring things, plus the language there is difficult for their level.
I have 5 different classes, with 3 different books, and I spend a lot of time finding materials online that could make the book a little more interesting and easier for the students. I am not allowed to copy materials too much, so can't really copy worksheets all the time.
The other thing is that each of my classes is 2 hours and sometimes I struggle to fill those 2 hours. I tried to do activities with the students but some of the classes just don't understand. their english is so low that they don't get a word I say. Besides, the boys classes are just too lazy and think they are too cool for any games.
The material in the book is not very good and the subjects are really short to fill the whole 2 hours.
I feel exhasuted finding the right material, worrying about filling in the time, struggling with the discipline in the class. AT the end of the day I just... [Read More]
  69 Replies | 3,115 Views

Whos afraid of the big bad Trolls?

Jul 22, 2014 - 1:39 AM - by pathumseb
pathumseb's Avatar
Seems that of late everyone newbie that comes along is labelled a troll. So why do we fear trolls? Its not like they impact on our real day to day life. Perhaps its a sign of taking forums a little too seriously and to heart. There is after all, a whole big exciting world to explore out there. It can hardly fill newbie to Thailand with mirth and happiness if the forum locals go on a witch hunt every time they post.
  69 Replies | 916 Views

Live in Isaan?

Jul 12, 2014 - 2:57 PM - by somtamslap
somtamslap's Avatar
...addicted to Lau Khao and Larb Moo?

...your peers comprise a bag lady, the local shopkeeper, and dog called Dang?

...you often find yourself on the receiving end of suggestive winks from female farmhands who motion to a nearby ditch for a spot of rumpy-pumpy?

...recently had to procure a heavy, blunt instrument to beat your neighbour's chickens to death with as a result of them being unable to shut the fuck up?

...frequented an eatery in your local town which boasted promises of 'steak' and 'flench fly' only to be presented with a plate of festering dog flesh and one solitary frozen chip?

I empathise - so much so I have been sufficiently moved to pen a tome about living in Isaan...

Queries will be lovingly answered. There's even a bit about teaching Prathom students in there somewhere... pertinent to the forum.


  58 Replies | 1,585 Views

24 lessons a week

Jul 15, 2014 - 4:02 PM - by djwheat
I'm feeling burned out. Sometimes I have 6 lessons per day. Is this shit standard or do I have a reason to complain?
  54 Replies | 1,887 Views

Work Permit Don't have a degree, but have a diploma and a job. Now what?

Jul 16, 2014 - 5:50 AM - by flabbergasted
Hey everyone,

I have been browsing several 'no degree - no work permit' threads, but only found some contrasting info. Since my problem is somewhat special I would be really grateful if people who have had to go through a similar ordeal could offer me some insight.

Long story short: I didnt finish my university studies, so I do not have a degree but I got a Cambridge CELTA in 2004 and a Cambridge DELTA in 2008. I have been employed as an English teacher for 12 years and a teacher trainer for 4 by a number of reputable schools in Europe. I have worked in Thailand before - with a tourist visa, and I have been offered another contract with the same school in Bangkok from Sep 2014.

After the recent (and rather worrying) news about tourist visas and visa runs, I would like to legalize my stay in the LOS. I have read in a number of threads of people, whose school managed to arrange a work-permit without a degree, simply by writing a letter to the ministry, explaining why they need to employ the teacher. Since I have all the necessary documents to be licensed to do this job (it is training, not teaching Engish) The school would do it, but it would be good to know what worked for others and what the chances are if it is not a remote govt school in the countryside but a private school in Bangkok.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  53 Replies | 1,619 Views

No more visa runs

Jul 15, 2014 - 10:26 AM - by cluezo
cluezo's Avatar
Immigration authorities will not let visa runners return after August 12

July 15, 2014

FOREIGNERS WHO do regular visa runs in order to extend their stay in Thailand have less than a month before a crackdown by the authorities to enforce immigration laws more strictly.

From August 13, people will not be able to re-enter the country, regardless of their choice of transport.

The Immigration Bureau has already instructed officials to deny entry to foreigners doing visa runs as a measure to stop the exploitation of tourist visas and visa exemptions to live or work here.

Visa runs have been common among foreigners in Thailand recently, given that a simple search on the Net turns up several companies offering "visa trips" for expatriates staying or working here.

Visa runners are those who leave Thailand and return immediately for the purpose of extending their stay. By exploiting 60-day tourist visas and 30-day visa exemptions, many foreigners can work illegally in language schools, or restaurants and other businesses. It is easier for some to get jobs this way, as some employers do not want to go through the complicated process of seeking work permits and like to avoid the expense if they can.

"I have done visa runs several times before, because my employers would not agree to seek a work permit until I passed their probation period. So, when you stop allowing visa runs, the lives of many foreigners in Thailand will be affected," a 46-year-old American said.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Bureau website says: "Leniency will be
... [Read More]
  49 Replies | 1,940 Views

General Tourist visa holders denied entry to Thailand and left stranded in Malaysia

Jul 14, 2014 - 12:19 PM - by Stamp
Stamp's Avatar
SUNGAI KOLOK (Southern Thailand): -- At least 20 foreign nationals were yesterday (Sunday) denied entry into Thailand using their 60-days Tourist visas, after attempting to enter via the Sungai Kolok border checkpoint in Narathiwat province.

Narathiwat is a popular destination for visa runners and border runners to exit and re-enter the country in order to extend their stay in Thailand.

All of the foreigners who were denied entry had a previous history of multiple visa exempt entries or back to back tourist visas.

Eight of the foreigners in question held visas issued abroad, as well as from Malaysia, namely from the Royal Thai Consulates in Penang and Kota Bahru. The countries of origin of the 8 refused foreigners include the UK, Italy, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and New Zealand.

Immigration officials at Sungai Kolok, as well as at several other border checkpoints in the south, have been ordered by the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok to deny entry to foreigners holding 60-days Tourist visas.

... [Read More]
  48 Replies | 2,183 Views

What if Money Were No Object? What would you really do with your life?

Jul 11, 2014 - 5:13 AM - by pathumseb
pathumseb's Avatar

Food for thought. I'm just going to do what makes me happy. Even if that is a life in the swamp
  47 Replies | 1,362 Views

Guys... I think I may have screwed up

Jul 16, 2014 - 4:02 PM - by bansheebeat
bansheebeat's Avatar
I think I accidentally told a girl I've been (very) casually seeing that I love her. Shit.
  43 Replies | 1,000 Views

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