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Established in 2000 with continuous archives since 2004, we are one of the oldest forums in Thailand.

We are best known for being a "Teaching in Thailand" forum, though we have attracted all walks of life through the years.

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We are also fairly conservative in terms of being a site that we want teachers to be able to enjoy at work in schools in Thailand and so operate a strict "Safe For Work" images policy.

Please exercise extreme discretion when discussing the Royal Family in Thailand and be respectful to the Lese Majeste laws.

So, I lived there in 1978...

Sep 13, 2014 - 8:22 AM - by anita909
My name is Anita, from NY, living in South Florida (over it) and after some recent changes in my life, thinking about re-visiting Thailand and with luck, teaching English. I lived in Bangkok many years ago and liked it very much. My boyfriend is living in Bhutan several months a year, so I would be closer.
Problem: OMG I'm 53! From online research, I discovered that makes me ancient in Thailand for teaching work!! or does it?
Can anybody comment on or clarify for me what the issues are with age and English teachers in Thailand? I also wondered if it is advantageous to earn your teaching certificate in Thailand? Might the school be more inclined to find you a position?

Thanks so much for any inputs,
Greetings from Florida,
  59 Replies | 1,597 Views

Thats it! Thailand here I come (returning newbie)

Sep 11, 2014 - 12:33 AM - by crystalvisuals
So I first signed up for my account for this forum approx 2 years ago and have been following, reading and soaking up game since then.
Back when I first signed up I had a foundation degree in ICT. Since then I have got my Bsc in computer information systems and now have a PGCE.

As I have been on this site for 2+ years now I know I maybe due for some stick or jokes that unfortunately I will never understand, so please try to keep that to a minimum and focus on helping me out. Thanks

Personal info for the record:
black british

I am coming over in march with a mere £7000 and am wondering....

1. which area of thailand would you advise me to start out and get a job other than BKK? (considering i might be at a disadvantage due to my skin color and... maybe age...and maybe being a male)

2. How much would I be expecting to pay for a flat/condo/house there?

3. Is £7000 really not enough to start out?

3. How much can i expect in my first year teaching in the region you recommend?

4. To get a job should I really just put on a shirt and handout CV's? does this work or are there other effective alternatives I should be trying?

5. Please give me any additional advice, suggestions or maybe even your experience that you think may help me.

thanks in advance guys. Im on here constantly so post away.
  54 Replies | 1,570 Views

Harness-Free and Generous Oatbag

Sep 07, 2014 - 3:34 PM - by tomcat
tomcat's Avatar
...CT: where teaching is a profession, not a fall back:

Best State in America: Connecticut, for its teachers
By Reid Wilson (WaPo)

Back to school means that the stress of handling kids all day has shifted from harried parents to an army of teachers. Some of those teachers have an easier transition than others, thanks to high salaries, small classes and high-achieving students.

There’s no better state in which to be a teacher than Connecticut. “There has been an assumption that teachers are professionals, and that respect for the profession has meant that it is easier to recruit new teachers,” said Suzanne Wilson, an education expert at the University of Connecticut.

The Nutmeg State pays its public school teachers an average base salary of $67,040, higher than any other state except New York, New Jersey and California, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. It also has some of the best-educated teachers in the country, having invested in teacher training since the 1980s. More than 80 percent of Connecticut teachers have a master’s degree, a specialist degree or a doctorate. Only New York has a higher share of teachers with advanced degrees.

Connecticut, meanwhile, is much better than its higher-paying neighbors at keeping class sizes small. The state has one teacher for every 22 middle school and high school students, one of the lowest ratios in the country. By contrast, New York has one teacher per 25 secondary students.

Connecticut’s relatively generous salaries and small classes translate into higher spending per student than in most states. It spent $18,512 per public school student in the... [Read More]
  52 Replies | 2,511 Views

What course do I need to do - TEFL or CELTA?

Sep 07, 2014 - 7:06 PM - by itsjohn
Hi, anyone who can help me with this answer I will owe a big, cold drink to one day in Bangkok.

I have been teaching at three universities in Sydney for the past eight years.
I have taught Journalism and Media Studies - from first year to third year students.
I have a Masters Degree and a University Teaching Certificate.
I have worked as a journalist / editor for 25 years.

I am keen to pursue a new chapter of my career and teaching in Thailand, but am really confused over what accreditation I will need.

I have seen some posting insisting on TEFL and other doing CELTA.

ANy advice, please let me know.

Thanks kindly.
  44 Replies | 933 Views

Life as a TEFL Trainer.

Sep 15, 2014 - 8:23 PM - by stat
I did 3 years of TEFL training between Japan and Thailand, and must say that I really enjoyed it. It was really rewarding and watching people develop so much in short space of time was great. Really great.

The main disadvantage and the main advantage were really one and the same. The disadvantage was that every 4 weeks you were saying goodbye to the people you were just getting to know and see develop, the main advantage was that you got to see so many new people get so into it and develop so quickly. When you see the development of people over and over again, you really get to see just how important this basic training is to people who wish to be an English teacher here.

It's definitely a position that I would recommend to suitable people, we sometimes trained up experienced TEFL teachers over a 6 month period.

Any questions or interest, let me know.
  32 Replies | 1,211 Views

Reality of crime in Thailand.

Sep 17, 2014 - 11:48 AM - by Nephemia
Hello everyone!

I'm newly minted here on the Ajarn site, but have been wanting to teach English in Thailand for about a year and a half now. I have just begun serious research into cost of living etc., and while discussing this with my parents (I am almost 20 and still living at home while attending college.) my mother began worrying about me being kidnapped and held for ransom because I'm a "pretty white girl who's friendly to everyone". This seems quite crazy to me, because while I know there is human trafficking of children/teens and I assume there is some for Thai women as well, I just hadn't thought of that being perpetrated against a foreigner working in the country. At least, not against someone who is middle class by American standards and who wouldn't be vulnerable to promises of jobs in other countries or other "Shanghai" type scams. Basically my initial questions are: What kinds of criminal behavior do ESL teachers become victims of in Thailand? How recently have you/have you ever heard of a ESL teacher being kidnapped? I assume there is a large difference in these areas between urban and more rural areas, what are your thoughts?

What kinds of criminal behavior do ESL teachers become victims of in Thailand, specifically kidnapping or other serious crimes?
  32 Replies | 1,120 Views

Let's talk Nakhon Si Thamamrat

Sep 10, 2014 - 8:37 PM - by Emily Stadler
Emily Stadler's Avatar
I am curious if anyone on here lives in or near Nakhon Si Thammarat? If so, do you enjoy living there and what is there to do besides visit temples and museums (if anything)?

I have read that it's very non-touristy, historical and also has some good hiking/waterfall spots. I would be interested in teaching in this location if it does offer some outdoor activities but I don't want to live there if there are no other expats or really anything else to do. My other concern is the safety thing, deep south isn't exactly the best place from everything I have read.

I have searched the forum but didn't find much. I have been told to ignore everything I have read so I'm hoping a couple of you have some insight into this town. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  30 Replies | 816 Views

Decent agencies?

Sep 18, 2014 - 3:27 PM - by djwheat
Hi all.

As as the title says, are there any decent agencies worth signing up with?

  30 Replies | 834 Views

British Man, Woman Found Dead on Koh Tao

Sep 15, 2014 - 8:39 PM - by beachbound
beachbound's Avatar

(CNN) -- A British man and woman were found dead on a beach on a popular resort island in Thailand, police said Monday.
The two victims were found on the island of Koh Tao, and police are investigating their deaths as murder, authorities said.
The victims had severe injuries to their heads, and a hoe with blood on it was found near the bodies, said Col. Prachum Ruangthong, police chief of Koh Phaghan, the precinct that has jurisdiction over the area.
A search of the victims' rooms showed no sign of theft, and interviews with friends indicated the victims may have only recently met while on the larger island of Koh Phangan before traveling to Koh Tao for a party excursion.
  29 Replies | 1,407 Views

Cold or warm eggs?

Sep 12, 2014 - 7:43 AM - by Cal Roy
Cal Roy's Avatar
I saw this on NPR this morning. We wash ours and pop them in the fridge. I don't like to chill bird shit. The fridge has a nice place to keep them but I suppose I am just wasting space.

Why The U.S. Chills Its Eggs And Most Of The World Doesn't : The Salt : NPR
  28 Replies | 683 Views

Here we are, now how do we find jobs...?

Sep 17, 2014 - 4:48 PM - by rama777
Soooo, my wife and I took the plunge and just showed up to Thailand yesterday!! Neither of us really want to stay in Bangkok if we can help it. There's a whole country out there, but nearly every job listed here on ajarn is in bangkok, or close to it! Can we just rent a car and travel from town to town asking for headmasters of language schools and public schools for interviews? Should we email schools with our cv's and appropriate cover letters? How do we find jobs?? The advice seems to be stay away from agents if you can help it, and we're certainly willing to help it, but we're still stumped.

We have degrees, good interview and work clothes, certifications, professional resumes and some at least half-way reasonable experience..

Thank you kindly
  26 Replies | 912 Views

Advice from teachers who have taught in bkk and pattaya govement school

Sep 14, 2014 - 1:54 PM - by longtermer
Hi All,

This is my first post so firstly hello to you all.

Im not a teacher but i have been working in Thailand for a while now(10yrs), Im writing this in the hope of some advice from teachers who have taught in both Bangkok and Pattaya.

My story is that i have 2 young kids 4(girl) and 6(boy) they have both been in some form of education since each of them were 2.
I had been living in Bangkok for most of my time and working but local salary, about 2 yrs ago i got a job just on the outskirts of Pattaya, i was commuting for the first 6 months but then the whole family moved down.
Because of my salary i can only afford to have the kids in government school but as time goes by i am becoming increasingly more worried about the education level of the older 6yr (boy).
I know that the government route in general is bad and me moving back home is something that i am also toying with purely based on education but for now im kind of stuck in the Thailand rut.

My question is more advice from anybody who has taught in both Bangkok and Pattaya and if they thought the education level to be better or worse in one area or the differences in the children in both areas, there is a possibility that with my job i could work from home if i moved back to Bangkok and would certainly do so if the levels were higher there.

i know there will be some that probably give me stick for having them in government school in the first place and i beat myself up about it but i don't not have the monthly income to put them private and it will take some savings to relocate back home.

Thanks in advance for your input
  23 Replies | 820 Views

EFL Teachers that say they don't need to do a TEFL course.

Sep 19, 2014 - 8:01 PM - by stat
What is it with this?

I've known a few, they get hired for the lower end jobs because they are white, speak English and ummm, exist.

Some actually seem to care about the job and the students. Yet should you mention about the advantages of doing a TEFL course with observed practice they get insulted, refusing to admit that they would benefit from one. Thus selling their students short in the process.

What do you think it is, ego?
  21 Replies | 573 Views

Exam hell

Sep 19, 2014 - 8:52 PM - by uitgsss
Please help !

I am new to teaching Primary and i have P1 - 6. The school expect me to provide 14 sections of exam by Oct 6th.
When am i supposed to do this as i hardly even have time for a piss at work. Do they expect me to work at home until 8 every night and give up my week ends? Is this normal in an International School ?
Singapore syllabus Vocab p1 - 6
Creative Writing 1 - 6
Comprehension P1 and 2

Is there anywhere i can download them or does anyone have soft copies i could adapt ?

Thanks in advance !
  21 Replies | 466 Views

Kids videos

Sep 11, 2014 - 9:59 AM - by Get Smart
Get Smart's Avatar
I went to a friends class the other day. They were playing these before class.

The kids were going wild. WTF is a gummy bear? Loved it anyway. Any kid teachers on here post some vids up I can pass on to him.

Laughed my arse off. Zero is a big round hole. 5555.
  18 Replies | 479 Views

For Rent 1 bedroom Taksin Area (FangTon)

Sep 12, 2014 - 10:30 AM - by nannan412
For Rent

Thonburi / Taksin / Suk Sawat Area

Condominium name :- The Niche Taksin

Rent 1 bedroom 2 aircons washing machine

1bedroom for Rent , separated kitchen

10 th floor, 35 sq.m., fully-furnished, 2 air-conditioners , TV LCD 32", refrigerator, microwave, water heater, working table, dining table, curtain 2 tiers , lot of storage, panorama view ,room face south eastern direction

contact 081 645 0455 Nannan

Wongwian Yai (780m), Krung Thonburi (1,410m)

Department Store:
Robinson Lardya (398m)

Big C Issaraphap (663m)

Krungdhon Hospital (1,409m)

International School:
Thai Sikh International School Bangkok (403m)

contact 0816450455 nannan


line user ID :- jiravadeetazzjang
contact no. :- 081-645-0455
email :- cool_412@yahoo.com

for future detail / pictures / price / room inspection


  17 Replies | 690 Views

Purr cat cafe Club on Suk 53

Sep 17, 2014 - 7:49 PM - by pathumseb
pathumseb's Avatar
Heard about this place while I was back in the UK so had to check it out being a cat lover. It's a fairly long way down suk 53 but well worth the walk. Before entering you have to remove your shoes, don slippers and wash your hands lest you startle the cats. Once inside you have to wait in an ante chamber before you are summoned to the cat chamber. There are rather expensive coffees, teas and soft drinks to order but there again, this is Thong Lor. I had a black coffee and it beat what Starbucks offer. Here are some pics of the cats, I found the whole experience to be very calming.
  17 Replies | 824 Views

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